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Swan Richards Cricket is nothing like any other shop on the planet. My relationship with Gray-Nicolls started in 1965 and it's still going strong to this day. One of the major reasons is it's the world's best Cricket Brand & makes the finest Bats on the planet. Yes, I am biased on this matter but history will show you that Gray-Nicolls has always been the leader in Cricket Equipment.

 I started in Cricket over 55 years ago at the Rowe and Jarman store in Adelaide as a 12 year old and immediately fell in love with the smell of linseed oil and the feel of English Willow Cricket Bats. In 1970 I worked at Gray-Nicolls Robertsbridge where I was taught by the late Ted Jolly - an icon bat maker learning the art of Cricket Bat Making. Additional to this, Len Newbery and John Newbery taught me the whole business of bat making. Bill Gray and John Gray taught me a lot and I thank these men very much. Returning to Australia in late 1970, Gray-Nicolls UK made a decision to setup Gray-Nicolls Australia in a joint venture with Kookaburra. I was under the management of Mr Bruce Thompson who taught me to run the business from A to Z. Jim Thompson, who was the engineer and a genius and we together redefined how Cricket Bats were made.

The last 10 years, I served as the CEO of Gray-Nicolls till 1990 when Nick Gray came and took over as Managing Director. After years in the industry, I felt the need to develop the Swan Richards Cricket - a specialist supplier of cricket equipment and clothing. At Swan Richards Cricket we are more or less a Gray-Nicolls exclusive client. We have a great relationship with them and we specialise in Australian handmade bats. We are different from our competitors that we give great service and quality and we understand the Cricket business. Additional to this, we support our own newly developed homegrown bats "CRUSADERS" - handcrafted by Stuart at Gray-Nicolls.

Our protective gear is made by one of the best manufacturers on the planet, Mr Vinny Sareen, who I rate as the finest soft goods manufacturer. He could make a Savile Row Suit out of a Chaff Bag. Swan Richards Cricket is a proud supporter of the Crusaders Youth Development Programme and supporting the development of young & disadvantaged players and their knowledge of the beautiful game. Add us to your favourites and keep a look out for our latest developments with links on Facebook and Twitter. There is always something happening at the Swan Richards Cricket. Play this beautiful game and have fun.

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